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Section 13 e of chapter 64C provides that: "[i]n all advertisements, offers for sale or sales involving two or more items at a combined price, and in all advertisements, offers for sale or sales involving the giving of any concession of any kind whatsoever whether it be coupons or otherwise , the retailer's or wholesaler's selling price shall not be below the 'cost to the retailer' or the 'cost to the wholesaler', respectively, of all articles, products, commodities and concessions included in such transactions.

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The cost to the retailer is the base cost of the cigarettes to the retailer plus the retailer's overhead costs and expenses and the cost to the wholesaler is the base cost of the cigarettes to the wholesaler plus the wholesaler's overhead costs and expenses. Massachusetts defines the base cost of cigarettes as the invoice cost of the cigarettes to the retailer or wholesaler or the replacement cost of the cigarettes within thirty days prior to the date of sale in the quantity last purchased, if lower , less all trade discounts except customary discounts for cash.

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The cigarette excise imposed by G. The Commissioner periodically announces retailers' and wholesalers' presumptive minimum cost of cigarettes, which is the lowest price at which cigarettes may be sold. The applicable presumptive minimum cost of selling cigarettes is percent of the base cost of the cigarettes for retailers, percent for wholesalers and For cigarette excise purposes, generally, a "manufacturer's coupon" is a coupon issued by the manufacturer to be redeemed by a retail purchaser of the product being promoted.

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The coupon may be presented by the consumer either at the time of the retail sale, or mailed or presented to the manufacturer as a rebate after the retail sale. If the manufacturer's coupon presented to the retailer at the time of retail sale does not reduce the retail price of the cigarettes below the applicable presumptive minimum cost, it is allowable. However, the manufacturer's promotional coupon program must otherwise conform to the requirements of G. A manufacturer's coupon that is redeemed directly by the manufacturer for either cash or goods is also permitted by the Department since the statute regulates only pricing i as between a wholesaler and a retailer, and ii as between a retailer and the consumer.

Coupons attached to a pack of cigarettes by a manufacturer or his representatives after a retailer's purchase from a wholesaler are prohibited if the coupons reduce the consumer's retail sales price of cigarettes below the applicable presumptive minimum cost of the retailer as an illegal buydown pursuant to Directive , G. However, a similar coupon presented to a retailer that does not reduce the price to the customer below the presumptive minimum price is allowed.

Cigarette coupons presented by the consumer at the time of sale that do not reduce the retail sales price of cigarettes below the applicable presumptive minimum cost are permitted in Massachusetts. If a consumer mails a coupon to a manufacturer for redemption, the coupon is not considered to impact the presumptive minimum cost or pricing structure and is therefore allowable. If a manufacturer attaches a coupon to a pack of cigarettes after the retailer purchases from the wholesaler and the coupon reduces the consumer's retail sales price of cigarettes below the applicable presumptive minimum cost, the coupon is prohibited.

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If you would like to continue helping us improve Mass. Sales and Use Tax Introduction This Directive addresses certain practices whereby manufacturers of cigarettes offer promotional coupons for redemption that result in a price reduction to consumers. Skip table of contents. Show More Table of contents. Show Table of Contents. Referenced Sources: Massachusetts General Laws show more show less. Feedback Did you find what you were looking for on this webpage? Do you have anything else to tell us? Please tell us what you were looking for.

Text Area. Your feedback will not receive a response. This form only gathers feedback about the website. Thanks, your message has been sent to Massachusetts Department of Revenue! When you cancel or modify a paid reservation before the scheduled departure and the modified fare is lower , any residual value that is non-refundable or cannot be immediately refunded will be automatically transferred to an eVoucher.

Refundability, if any, is determined by the rules of the fare paid. Penalties for non-cancellation of sleeping accommodations, non-Acela Business class seating and Acela First class seating, will apply.

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If your travel plans change and you do not modify or cancel your reservation before departure and then do not board your train, your entire reservation will be canceled and any remaining funds may be forfeited, depending on the fare type purchased. If permitted by the rules of the fare purchased, the money paid for the trip may be stored in an eVoucher valid for future travel.

If you "no show" for a reservation that includes sleeping accommodations, the sleeping accommodation charge will be forfeited and will not be transferred to the eVoucher. If Amtrak makes a schedule change, an equipment substitution or cancellation and the new accommodation charge or rail fare is lower as a result, an eVoucher will be created to hold any residual value. A cancellation fee or non-cancellation penalty will not apply to the refundable amounts in this eVoucher.

If you lose or misplace your eVoucher receipt or email, the value is safely stored in the Amtrak eVoucher system. To reduce fraudulent use of your eVouchers, when speaking with a customer service representative on the phone or at a station, you will be asked to verify ownership by providing some information related to the eVoucher. When redeeming on the phone or at a station, make sure you have your eVoucher receipt or the information necessary for the customer service representative to locate the eVoucher and proper identification for redemption.

When an eVoucher is redeemed for future travel, any unused balance will remain on the original eVoucher. Only eVouchers issued from a reservation containing an email address can be redeemed on Amtrak. One or more eVouchers can be used to pay for any reservation either while logged in or as a guest by manually entering the eVoucher number s at the time of purchase.

To reduce fraudulent use of your eVouchers, you will be asked to verify ownership by entering some information related to the eVoucher being redeemed. If you are logged in, all eVouchers that match the email address associated with your profile will be available to you. Depending on the fare rules and terms of the original ticket purchase, funds in an eVoucher can be:. The value of an eVoucher used as a form of payment is non-refundable e. If a reservation that was paid for by eVoucher is canceled or downgraded, the value will be stored in a new, non-refundable eVoucher in the name of the Primary Passenger of the new reservation.

See the Refund and Cancellation Policy for more information.

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The funds in an eVoucher will be held in the name of the Primary Passenger of the original reservation the first passenger listed in a reservation. By redeeming an eVoucher, the Passenger named on the eVoucher acknowledges the content of these terms and conditions and agrees to abide by them. An eVoucher will expire one year after issuance. A refundable amount left in an eVoucher can be refunded up to the refund expiration date of the eVoucher; this date is based on when initial payment was made for the original travel and may be less than one year after issuance.

If your eVoucher was issued at a station as part of a downgrade exchange or cancellation and part or all of its value is refundable, a refund can be processed immediately at the same station by the same agent on the same day only. For all other refunds, send the eVoucher receipt or a printout of your email notification, and your name, address and phone number, to:. If you do not have your eVoucher receipt or a printout of your email notification, include information about the transaction in a letter that will enable the refund office to locate your eVoucher.

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