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Sale end Get Deal. Make purchases on top sale items at vipelectroniccigarette. Check out vipelectroniccigarette. Discover these exceptionally good deals today at vipelectroniccig Save more, buy more, at vipelectroniccigarette. Hurry befor Spend less while buy more when using vip live discount codes. Avoid like the plague. No replacement possible. Correct, I MAY have burnt out the wick. But I handled it like I have previous ones before it. Numerous things could have happened. Maybe me, maybe not. THEIR reply Unfortunately, as previously stated, and mentioned on the call, the clearomizers only come with a 48 hour dead on arrival warranty.

Outside of these timescales we are unable to offer replacement products. Very surprised at some of the negative comments. I get the point about battery life but in the 13 months that have passed since I started using them, I have only bought 2 replacement batteries, ps I did not throw the old ones out, I simply use these as spares in emergency ie I always take a spare battery with me, the same thing goes true with the cartomisers, I always have at least 1 spare. I have now switched over to the photon e liquid simply because i want to know how much vaping I have left every day, but even at that, I still plan on taking a spare, very small bottle, everywhere I go.

I chose VIP because they seem to be the only one that offers a Virginia rolling flavour,which is very realistic and gives a good throat hit. After 6 weeks I am down to a couple of roll-ups a days and my cough has almost gone. Also,as I used to buy duty-free tobacco e-cigs work out more expensive but seem to be the healthier option.

The batteries I tried to return were, in very good physical condition.. I have had two faulty batteries which have just stopped working, one after just one week.. I have also had a clearomiser that tasted burnt from the first time I used it. She purchased me a kit and herself and together we both tried to give up.

Within days her battery stopped working and filter snapped. I on the other hand had my battery at least 3 months before purchasing a new one and have been happy with the product…yes the staff on the stalls in the shopping centres are ignorant and lazy whenever you have a problem but generally if an item has broken they have been happy to replace them even without proof of purchase. This was all fine up until a couple of weeks ago when I ordered a battery, some filters and liquid online. They confirmed that they would refund me the battery and cost of postage. I emailed them asking why this had happened and where was my refund.

They advised that if I sent this battery back recorded delivery they would give me a refund. How they can justify this…god knows. But to say the least I am thoroughly annoyed. They are a cowboy brand with an customer service. They have so much competition and yet they refuse to treat customers in the way they should. They take your money but then refuse to refund you!

VIP is a total rip off faulty goods. Worst costumer service I have ever been through. My cigarette started burning on my lip really badly and it was very painfull every time i took a puff. So I contacted the staff and he then told me to send it back to them so that they could replace me with a new one. And so I did, paid 5 pounds for package and posting and off it went. They had no explanation why the ciggarette started to give away burning in your mouth. Not enough that the battery kept dying ALL the time which makes it impossible to even bring it with you outside.

The filters kept running out, I spend loads of time and money buying new filters which is way too pricy anyway. I am so dissapointed on how they have treated me who is a regular costumer every other week….. Overall, product is terrible, gives you massive headache, battery dies super quick and you have to keep buying refills that keeps running out.

Getting off the cigs is NOT just about the nicotine element, so patches etc never worked for me. BUT, quality is very variable and I have a large 20 or so? The concept is good but it fell apart after a few weeks I popped into the vip store in Hyde where purchased from and explained my vip cigarette was at home and it fell apart I asked what to do!!! The smug shop assistant said there is no warranty as you could have over tightened it. I said you can say that without looking at it!!!

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The assistant seemed well versed in a simple short not my problem. Never go to vip premium price flash packaging no backup or customer services try Nicorett brand from tesco different league had faulty charger replaced on the spot. Really disapointed paid for the starter kit which was a tenner cheaper online, then the clearomisers are rubish they dont keep screwed down on the bit which you suck and when u first use them u keep getting mouth fulls of liquid even after doing it step by step like i was told.

The only good thing is the taste of the liquid, ive used the triple menthol and the RY4 smooth which are nice but the actual photon and clearomiser i am not impressed with at all!! Customer services is great and next day delivery is perfect. VIP were great when i first wanted to give up smoking. So i thank them for that. I cannot tell you how much i prefer these! When i first bought from VIP i was told a fully charged battery would last over a day. This is complete nonsense. And after a few charges the battery life gets shorter by the day!

Now the cartomisers! Once again i was told they would last over a day. And to be fair the 2 in my starter kit did! Weirdly though i have to be careful here! And they certainly are NOT equivalent to cigarettes! They do have decent vapour production, and i actually quite like the taste. There are a wide range of better quality products available at not much more than what you end up paying for these. Also, the e-liquid just leaked through the body of the device even though it was connected properly.

I was also told a similar story when a new mouth piece broke away when I screwed it onto the battery. I want to completely stop smoking but at the moment I smoke normal cigs at night, I love these ecigs especially the American tobacco and the mixed ones, I have although had a few that havent lasted long, I dont know if I needed a new battery or if it was just a dodgy box, i have cut down my smoking by half and dont even think about a real cigarette during the day because I have the kit I will be sticking with these as it would be too expensive now to change and the delivery is very fast too, hopefully in a few weeks I will not be smoking at all, I just need to put my mind to it.

As mentioned, taste is a very personal thing, but I really like the USA Tobacco flavour as it has that slightly roasted hit. Gives just the right amount of vapour and throat hit to simulate a tobacco cigarette. A wider range of flavours is available compared to some other cartridge based brands. VIP also sell liquid based systems for those who prefer them.

Battery life could be better, as a a day smoker, I charge it every evening. Heavier smokers will quickly need a spare battery, although these are reasonably priced. It would be nice if they added a PCC to the range, although their hard case has room for a spare battery.

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Overall I am very happy with this product, especially after trying some of the disposable e-cigarettes available. Rate this product Please make a selection for ALL star categories for your ratings to be registered. Summary Summarize your review in one line. Pros The things I love about this product If any! Cons The things I don't like so much about this product How many did you smoke per day? Do you still smoke? If so how many per day? Its all in the detail Explain in as much detail as you want what you love and hate about this product.

Make sure to cover the product's features, functionality and how it has changed your tobacco smoking habits! Cancel Reply. Contact FAQ About. GD Star Rating loading Vapour and flavour Any test of an electronic cigarette , of course, is likely to come down to its flavour and the ability to produce a satisfying volume of vapour. Discount Codes VIP Electronic Cigarettes run regular promotions on their website, check out their special offers page for the latest discounts.

Trying to stay loyal to VIP is not always easy! Changing flavours of carts and e-liquids without notifying customers.

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Long waits for out of stock items - BDC coils is a current example. Changed flavour from good to absolute garbage. I used to the love this product. Great Value. Customer Service. Awesome Service and support.

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Customer service very poor. The company are completely unhelpful when you have a problem. They are now saying that the unit was damaged by me due to over tightening. This is hilarious as I am a 50 year old woman with arthritis in my hands - my hands aren't stong enough to open a jar of jam! Used to be good quality, now very poor! In the past year lots have changed, sadly for the worse.

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I have had to change faulty batteries numerous times this year over 30 at least , but I had noticed before this that the batteries were not lasting as long and neither were the cartomizers. Best all round product on the market. The delivery was fast and efficient.

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Unlike other companies the tank never leaked and the battery life was superb. Good vape with great taste. Broke on the first time of use but replaced the next day. From the best too probably the Worst e cig company out there. Biggest load of crap bought in my entire life!!! Appalling customer service. Rubbish build quality. Total con artists. Avoid like the plague because there are far better brands out there who actually care about their customers and don't carry unfair policies or try to tell you it's your fault that your product is faulty.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. VIP Electronic Cigarettes products are intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 or over as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Not to be used by children. Please consult your doctor before using. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. VIP electronic cigarettes may be hazardous to health and contain nicotine which is addictive.

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